Our Research and Development



A company is only as good as the effort it places on advancing its product offerings, tailored to the unique needs of the market(s) it serves.


At Filet of Chicken, we offer complete ideation, prototype creation, new offering production scale-up, and comprehensive sensory and analytical assessments. We also replicate and/or reformulate existing products.


In addition to advancing our own product line to better serve our customers, the Filet of Chickenís Research and Development group is second to none in the industry. With a fully equipped R&D facility containing the same equipment used by our customers, our R&D team is able to quickly and fully develop proprietary and duplicative formulae to meet all customer needs.


While our chicken is our hallmark, our effort to promote our full range of products is our passion, as part of our complete solution. Filet of Chicken designs and develops all food service and retail packaging; utilizing eye-catching graphics that help our customers achieve their sales targets.